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Exclusive Investment Plan

The Exclusive Investment Plan is designed for people who want to make significantly more profit for the same amount of work as the Classic Investment Plan. It is an enhanced service that provides greater returns and is seen as the natural progression from Classic. The profits you gain from Classic will quickly provide the necessary increase in your investment to allow you to take this step . Those who initially have a larger sum to investment can go straight into this level without the need to have progressed from Classic. You do not need any knowledge of Classic and its operation to run Exclusive which is a total investment package in its own right and has all the training material required which will take you into significant profit very quickly.

Our High Wealth Service

Investment Plan

Being part of the Exclusive Plan takes your wealth potential to a whole new level in the investment industry. It is called Exclusive for one reason and that is the investment strategy is based purely around a set of criteria unseen in sports trading. This service is only provided through us and no one else can tap into this.

We provide you an even higher level of personal service than our Classic members. The basis of Exclusive is build around our laser focussed and highly successful Classic Plan but is taken to much higher levels and greater performance. If you haven’t already seen how Classic works then please read the Classic Investment Plan details to gain a greater understanding of the fundamentals of this investment.

Only the highest probability opportunities are given to Exclusive, so in a nutshell it takes the cream at the top of the opportunities which our master strategy generates, the other opportunities are used for Classic. There are a generous but limited number of spaces available as the commitment on a personal level from us to each customer is high and also each daily opportunities liquidity has a finite capacity.

What You Need to Do

If you have already achieved your required investment for Exclusive using Classic then you will know the ropes and just upgrade yourself, but for those who want to join at this level for the first time then we suggest you register for the service and then contact us for a one to one personal discussion. Then you can discuss this in great detail until you have all the information to base your decision on. You pay nothing to register and this is how we want to introduce you to this service.

Everything will be explained on your introduction meeting so you go into this with your eyes wide open and understand it totally. Inside the members area we have a library of training videos which will provide you with all the knowledge you need to take your investment and make it work for you. There is a LIVE 8hrs a day webinar you can jump onto and gain instant help and advice if you are not sure of something. No where will you get such customer service, a real person to talk to and immediate help.

Every day you will receive an email which will provide you with everything you need to do for that day in detail. You then follow this to the letter and sit back and watch this amazing system make you money. You will need to spend a no more than 10 minutes a day maximum, often less but it does take a certain commitment from you. In this world there is never something for nothing but the small amount of time you spend per month will give you returns that could never be imagined.

This isn’t difficult, in fact it is very easy and from the time you register on the website you will take no longer than an hour to be up and running and ready for your first instructions. It really is that simple and the instructions you get are also very easy to do and very clear, there is no ambiguity so you will make exactly what we say you will. Backed up by our customer webinar and the instructional videos you cannot fail.

Costs and Income

Everything is done on what we call Profit Cycles. A Profit Cycle is nine points of income from when you start your cycle. Once this is achieved then you have completed the Profit Cycle and you start again from zero. The costs to you and the profit achieved is very simple and straightforward and you do not pay again until this profit has been reached. After the first payment everything from there and into the future is purely performance based so if we dont achieve we dont get paid.

We charge three points per cycle and you gain eleven points so therefore each cycle provides a nett profit to you of eight points. In monetary terms each point is £250 so you pay £750 for the three points and then make a profit of £2750 leaving you with a nett profit of £2000. Each Profit Cycle is planned for a maximum of 4 weeks but it can hit anywhere between two and eight weeks but since starting the average is around 4 weeks. You do not make any further payments until the Profit Cycle is complete and the profit is in your bank.

You need an investment of thirty points so for the Exclusive Investment Plan it requires you to have £7500 in your account. With on average one Profit Cycle per month then this is an increase of 27% per month in your investment or 320% per year.

Investment Management

They key to the success of this investment is not just in the strategy but also in the money management plan that surrounds it. We have seen hedge funds and pension funds wiped to zero with market crashes in the last few years so not even safe havens are safe anymore. The only safe investments left give such little return it seems more beneficial to store it under your mattress.

The Exclusive Investment Plan since inception has never failed to hit a Profit Cycle. The money management and the investment required is there for a reason and that is to smooth out the highs and lows that happen during one cycle. The lowest any Profit Cycle has been is minus 10 points and it duly recovered to make profit. It is rare for this to happen but that is why we have a 30 point bank in place.

Companies never tell you the lows they always promote the highs and the profits that can be achieved. We always give you the facts, good and bad for you to make a proper assessment. You will not find an investment programme like this anywhere else that provides such transparency in their operation, high growth, manageable drawdowns and instant help to guide you.

We even have a plan if in the unexplicable situation happens and you lose the current Profit Cycle where you will still make an incredible yearly profit. Take a big step today and register for this amazing opportunity to put yourself on the road to financial freedom. It costs nothing to register and you get immediate access to us so you can ask as many questions as you want before paying for the first Profit Cycle. No other company in the world will provide this to you.

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You can contact Boost My Income Ltd by email on support@boostmywealth.com.