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Classic Investment Plan

Our Classic Investment Plan is our entry level service that provides consistent profits monthly with minimum effort on your part and a smaller capital outlay. This also provides you with the necessary experience to gain access to our higher level investment plans. To create wealth you need to be able to tap into a readily available pool of money that is always there and has easy access.

Alternative investment is normally based around a number of key markets which provide such a situation. These are advertising, forex trading, sports betting, alternative energy and real estate. Each of these have their own benefits but one stands out as the greatest potential to profit safely and significantly. Sports betting has become enormous and Betfair alone turn over £450 million a week.

Let us make it very clear from the start, you are not going to be placing random bets on a match hoping it wins. We have the best Sports Analysts in the industry working for us and we produce strategically analysed opportunities that have a very high success rate. Our performance is second to none and we are the only company that provide integrated money management and risk profiling into the strategies we use.

DO NOT think of this as gambling as you couldn’t be further from the truth. Let’s explain in more detail as we only use the huge amount of money in sports betting as the vehicle to make your investment rise at a high rate of return that you will struggle to find anywhere else. Take a look at how this works and you will be amazed.

How It Works

Investment Plan

If you want the best then you need to use the best and Boost My Wealth have acquired the best statistical analysis software available combined with our Sports Analysys. Link this with quantative risk profiling and our own mathematically designed blueprint not seen in the world of sport or investment before.

The result is a strategy so dynamic and statistically targeted to provide high probability opportunities over and over again. This master strategy is based around not just an outcome of a sports event but an integrated money management ratioing system which provides a laser targeted and consistent profit investment programme that is so simple anyone can do this in just 5 minutes a day.

We have developed this over a significant period of time and Matt, Will and Heidi of Sporting Group fame helped us craft it into what it is today and we continue to work with them on exciting new opportunities. This is being provided to the general public for the first time, as previously it was just for high wealth individuals and out of the reach of the very people it could make a big difference to.

What You Need to Do

When you register for Boost My Wealth you can log in and be taken straight to the members page. At this point there is nothing to pay and you can take a look around. In the members area you have the option to buy our Classic Investment Plan and you will receive a welcome email and instructions once you have done so. Inside we have a library of training videos which will provide you with all the knowledge you need to take your investment and make it work for you. There is also a LIVE 8hrs a day webinar that you can jump onto and gain instant help and advice if you are not sure of something. No where will you get such customer service, a real person to talk to and immediate help.

Each day you will receive an email which will provide you with everything you need to do for that day in detail. You then follow this to the letter and sit back and watch this amazing strategy make you money. It doesn’t take much time to do and you probably need to allocate around 5 minutes per day. There is nothing complicated, all you need is a computer or smart phone and some basic computer knowledge and you are all set to go.

This isn’t difficult, in fact it is very easy and from the time you register on the website you will take no longer than an hour to be up and running and ready for your first instructions. It really is that simple and the instructions you get are also very clear with no ambiguity on what to do. It actually is far better to have no knowledge of this as you wont have a gamblers frame of mind as this is a strategic investment. Backed up by our daily customer webinar and the instructional videos you cannot fail.

Costs and Income

Everything is done on what we call Profit Cycles. A Profit Cycle is nine points of income from when you start your cycle. Once this is achieved then you have completed the Profit Cycle and you start again from zero. The costs to you and the profit achieved is very simple and straightforward and you do not pay again until this profit has been reached. After the first payment everything from there and into the future is purely performance based so if we dont achieve we dont get paid.

We charge three points per cycle and you gain a minimum of nine points so therefore each cycle provides a nett profit to you of at least six points. In monetary terms each point is £100 so you pay £300 for the three points and then make a profit of minimum £900 leaving you with a nett profit of £600. We cannot guarantee how long a profit cycle will take to hit but its average is just over four weeks. From results over many years of running this can vary from seven weeks down to two weeks. You do not make any further payments until the Profit Cycle is complete and the profit is in your bank.

You need an investment of thirty points for the Classic Investment Plan so it requires you to have £3000 in your account. With one Profit Cycle every month then this is an increase on average of 20% per month in your investment or around 240% per year.

Investment Management

As we have seen over the last few years, investments have suffered badly and many have lost everything. In the Swiss Franc debacle in 2015 over a million pension funds were wiped to zero. Every investment is at risk and as such there are very little safe havens now. Those that exist provide such low returns that it is almost a waste of time to do.

The Classic Investment Plan has been running for a significant period and during that time has never failed to hit a Profit Cycle. The money management and the investment required is there for a reason and that is to smooth out the highs and lows that happen during one cycle. The lowest any Profit Cycle has been is minus 13 points and it duly recovered to make profit. It is rare for this to happen but that is why we have a 30 point bank in place.

Companies never tell you the lows they always promote the highs and the profits that can be achieved. We always give you the facts, good and bad for you to make a proper assessment. You will not find an investment programme like this anywhere else that provides such transparency in their operation, high growth, manageable drawdowns and instant help to guide you.

Take a big step today and register for this amazing opportunity to put yourself on the road to financial freedom. It costs nothing to register and you get immediate access to us so you can ask as many questions as you want before paying for the first Profit Cycle. No other company in the world will provide this to you.

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You can contact Boost My Income Ltd by email on support@boostmywealth.com.